Telč címere  

Első írásos említése 1315-ből ismert. 1992-ben a történelmi városközpontot az UNESCO a Világörökség részévé nyilvánította.


1982 óta minden évben zenei fesztivált rendeznek (Prázdniny v Telči) július és augusztus fordulóján, mely Csehország egyik legrégebbi ilyen jellegű fesztiválja. A programban szerepelnek színházi és művészeti előadások, valamint kiállítások is.

Telč is one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic, and the facades of the houses that surround its main square must be some of the most photographed buildings in Moravia. The historic centre of Telč was added to the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage in 1992, thanks mainly to the chateau and beautifully preserved town square.

The appearance of the Telč town square is a result of a catastrophic fire in 1530 that destroyed much of the town. When Lord Zachariᚠof Hradec chose Telč as his seat shortly afterwards, he set about turning the stone castle into a stylish residential chateau, and rebuilt most of the devastated centre to a uniform plan. The main square is completely encircled by arcade-fronted townhouses all of similar size and proportion, but with fascinating and intricate surface decorations unique to each building. Though it's a colourful, busy place ringed with outdoor cafes and restaurants, the Telč square has essentially kept the same appearance for centuries and is one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture north of the Alps.

Three large ponds surround the small historic centre and provide some beautiful reflections for photographers, as well as opportunities for boating or hiking along the shoreline paths. Only around 6000 people live in Telč, so it has a gentle pace and is a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Indulás a Mátyás Pincétől, útban Telč felé